Recreate your sense of Wonder...

Thought for Thursday...

So a few quick questions for you, when did you last:
Stop to enjoy a sunset?
Observe every shade and colour that makes up your partners eyes?
Stop and consciously feel the breeze on your face during a hot day?
Notice the perfume of a friend?
Sit for a minute in the dark before going to sleep and just listen?
Smile in the middle of your working day despite feeling stressed?
Kiss the head of your child for no reason except that you just could not help yourself?
Literally smell the roses or the flowers in your garden?
Whistle while washing the dishes or hanging out the washing?

Do you ever take stuff for granted; life, friendships, jobs, the sunshine, the ones you love, your own skills/talents and abilities??? I know I do!!!. It's easy to do.

Life is so busy for everyone these days. Often by the time we have done all of the days necessary tasks and activites there is not much time for any of the things that are truely important to us. We usually end up resenting the necessary parts of our life cause we think they steal us away from our grand plans, hopes dreams and goals (the stuff we think creates WONDER in our life). A couple of days of this type of living turns into a week, a month, then a year and if we are not careful years can have flown by, and we have lost all sense of WONDER. When we take life's moments for granted we slowly chip away at our sense of WONDER, losing sight of the awesomeness of life, the preciousness of friendships and love ones, the absolute beauty of our world, the uniqueness of ourselves and fragility of humanity. 

One of the awesome things however about being human is that we have the capacity to create built into us, which enables us to start a fresh each new day changing our reality. We can recreate our sense of WONDER!!!

Today I prayed for the wisdom and courage to recapture my sense of WONDER.