Taste Sensation...

Creativity needs to be cultivated. Just like a well needs a spring or water source to keep it full otherwise the supply slowly diminishes and eventually it drys up, the same is true for our creativity. We all need activities, places and people that will keep our creativity topped up. Each of us have been given 5 senses to explore, enjoy and navigate the world. Stimulating these 5 senses is also one of the most fabulous ways of keeping your creativity activitated.

I had the most wonderful sensory stimulating and creativity activating experience on Saturday. I went to a Chocolate making workshop. It was divine. Just what the creativity doctor ordered. After all of the projects that I had been working on lately it was just what I needed to top up my creative well.

This wonderful workshop was last year's Christmas present from my husband. Unfortunately I had not been able to attend any earlier as I was breast feeding 'button' and chocolate just didn't seem to sit right with her.

In the end the timing was perfect. It was fabulously creative, inspiring, delicious, social and a great way to spend a Saturday arvo. I made orange and cognac chocolate gaunache, chocolate coated leaves as well as double choc coated cream filled chocolates. I got chocolate all over my hands, up my arms, on my face, and I even got to lick chocolate off my hands (just like being a kid again). Everyone in attendance took a trip back to our childhood. Soooooooo delicious.
I am feeling totally inspired and filled to the top, ready to move on to the next list of projects on my creative agenda. The moral to this story is that we all need regular activities in our life that will stimulate our senses (all of our senses cause some of them definately get a raw deal and often get forgotten) and keep our creativity flowing. We all need moments of kre8ive inspiration. Have you got one planned for this week? If not, why not?