I spy with my little eye...

I have been totally inspired and overwhelmed at the same time by a fabulous list of journalling ideas found here. As I looked over these fabulous ideas I realised that I take so little time to observe and reflect upon my world, my immediate world that is. I so rarely stop to take notice and appreciate the small things around me. I have good intentions of living in the NOW but so often I get caught up in the doing. Time just seems to pass me by and I find that I hardly remember any of the little things that have made my life.

SO I have come up with my own much shorter and far less intimidating list of Journalling ideas:

1. Describe each pair of shoes you wore this week.
2. Remember the last children's book you read and who you read it to.
3. What was the last present you bought and who was it for?
4. Imagine you were your first childhood pet. Write an adventure you would have.
5. Write a bio for the last stranger you smiled at in the street.
6. Write about your dining table as if it was a person, what are they like, how long have you known each other, where did you meet.
7. Write your shopping list with your eyes closed.
8. Write 10 of your favourite things starting with the letter 'H'.
9. If you were a smell what would you be?
10. Draw as many different kinds of door knobs as you can.