Bring on the 30 day challenge...

Lately everywhere I go I have come across stories of people making sacrifices to do amazing things with their lives. I love the notion of living large, stretching your life's influence beyond yourself and your immediate world. To me these stories are inspirational. This is how I want to live and be remembered.

I don't want to live mediocre I want to live LARGE. I want to make a difference and live with purpose. I want to live generously! But sometimes it is soooooooo easy to get caught up in the routine of everyday and get trapped on the merri-go-round of the mundane.

It has been said that we are 'Blessed to be a Blessing' and I totally believe this. But only in the last few days has it occurred to me that I can choose if I am a blessing. I decide to see opportunities to bless others or not. In fact I can even CREATE opportunities to bless others if doing so is important enough to me.

Totally challenged by the idea that I don't need to wait for opportunities to come my way and that I can actually be proactive and CREATE moments/ opportunities to brighten someone elses day - I have embarked on a 30day challenge... To give a blessing everyday for 30 day.

Each day I am going to take or make an opportunity to bless someone. Either someone in my world, or someone that may briefly intersect with my life. The aim is to simply give a little token of kindness for no other reason except that I can and I want to.
Here are my first 5 blessing...
1. handwritten note
2. baking
3. some timeout for a studying mum
4. ironing
5. e-card of encouragement

Talk about stretching your creative muscles. This is giving me a work out. But I am loving it. It adds a little excitement to the day knowing that on top of the days schedule and chores I have a special mission. Life is so full of learning and I am going to grab this opportunity to grow with both hands.

PS I still have 2 spots left in my pay it forward. I would love for you to join me. Time is fast running out before the end of the year.