Keeping a Visual Diary...

A Journal
Photo Box
Table top to work at

I am currently reading ‘You Sexy Mother’ by Jodie Hedley-Ward which is a fabulous book. I am really enjoying it. In chapter one she encourages mothers to discover ‘the real most beautiful you’. One of her suggestions is to keep a visual diary. In essence this is a diary using images aimed at recording thoughts and feelings as well as a place to explore your own personal style, the home you want to create for your kids and the values and pursuits that are important to you.

I loved reading this suggestion as it reminded me of the visual diaries I kept while studying art in high school. I studied art in grade eleven and twelve in Queensland. Our curriculum differed from that of NSW where art students create one major piece for their HSC. We had to complete a major and minor clay piece as well as a major and a minor painting piece. For each of these pieces we also had to keep a visual diary, which would document the development of our ideas towards the final pieces. Our visual diary was also a safe please for experimentation, to trial techniques and thoughts.

I love the thought of being able to play with an idea in a safe place before committing to it. Visual diaries are great for this. You could stick a picture of yourself in your diary and then after cutting them out of a magazine add the latest hair styles of the hottest celebrities. This is a great way to trial the new hair cut you are wanting to see if you would really be happy with it. You could also keep cuttings of the latest headlines from the newspaper, as a reminder of the stories that have impacted you. Your visual diary is a great place to keep the paint swatches you have been collecting in order to decide what colour to paint your bedroom.

This is an ongoing project and something to work on throughout the year not something that will be completed in one sitting. Getting hold of a photo box is a great way of storing your collection of ideas, cuttings, photos etc till you next have time to sit down and add your itemsto your visual diary. Make sure you are adding notes and comments along the way.

Enjoy your visual diary – it is a safe place to explore ideas, thoughts, hopes and dreams in a visual way, and we all know: A picture paints a thousand words.