Living Life Kre8ively: what does that look like...

This is my bubba at 33 weeks

I have been thinking about this a lot as I draw close to giving birth to my little one. What kind of life journey do I want to demonstrate to my little one? What kind of role model do I want to be?

To me, living creatively is how I believe I was designed to live. So how do I demonstrate this fundamental belief or value? In practical terms what does living life creatively look like?

Here are a few things that have challenged me lately. I am not yet a master of any or all of these- but they will be my life’s journey:

· Not calling the person who just cut me off a name while I am driving, as this just wrecks my day not theirs.
· Giving back the extra change the cashier gave me by mistake, as my integrity is something only I can maintain.
· Sending a thank you card to that someone who did something special for me, yes it is old fashion but demonstrates more thoughtful than a text or an email.
· Donating the stuff I still like (not the stuff I don’t want anymore) next time I give to those in need.
· Choosing to see the good in those people that rub me up the wrong way – and choosing not to continue discussing their faults.
· Think more closely about the environmental and ethical impact of the purchases and decisions I make- I want there to be a world left for my child to live in.
· Walk a different way to work each day and actually choose to consciously take in my surroundings – observing life might teach me something.
· Buy my partner flowers for no apparent reason except that I love him and want him to know I don’t take him for granted.
· Cook a friend a meal and drop it round, for no particular reason- just cause I can.
· Make eye contact and smile at a stranger as I pass them on the street- I will never know how long it has been since someone really noticed them.
· Choose to complement a stranger next time I am in a lift- I could just make their day.
· Next time I buy a morning coffee buy a treat as well and tell the person serving me that it is for them and that I hope they have a great day, maybe even pay for the coffee of the next person in line.
· Visit a relative that I have not seen in a while for no other reason then, you never know when they won’t be there to visit.
· Read that book I have been meaning to finish as life is short, and burn out is not going to help me enjoy it more.
· Recycle: be creative in thinking about how something might have another use.