Catch yourself some dreams in a Dream Catcher...

Sticks (any sticks collected from the garden – stray painted black) or a Bunch of Ikea sticks (approx $20)
Copper wire or wire
Small canvas boards
A decorative envelope, organza bag or something to insert your ‘dreams’ into
Some of your favourite things to decorate the canvas board with
Table top to work at
At least 1½ hour (probably more)

Use the following guidelines for creating your dream catcher:
1. Relax and prepare for the task at hand (Environment is important, put on some relaxing music that makes you feel good and burn a candle or some aromatherapy oil)

2. The first task is to connect your sticks together using the copper wire in the shape that you want. For example create a square, rectangle or circle wrapping the wire around that first stick then on to the second, then the third and so on.
3. Next decorate your canvas boards with your favourite things. I like to use symbols of importance to me either via stamping with paint or through attaching embellishments. You then need to attach your canvas boards using wire. Use whatever method works the best, do not be too concerned about neatness – remember you are going for a rustic look.
4. Once you have attached the canvas boards it is time to attach the envelope/ organza bag. Alternatively you could use small craft pegs to attach your ‘dreams’ to the dream catcher.

5. Now you can write down your ‘dreams’ on some special paper and enclose them in the envelope/ organza bag or fold the paper in half and peg them to your ‘dream catcher’. By placing your dreams in your dream catcher you are claiming them and then giving them over to the ‘great dream giving’ to bring them to fruition.

Now that you have finished you may wish to reflect on the experience of creating your dream catcher in your journal. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

·Were you surprised by any of the symbols or the way in which you chose to decorate your canvas boards?
·Was there any particular reason you chose the shape you did for your ‘dream catcher’?
·Were you surprised by any of the feelings/ thoughts you expressed in the creation of your ‘dream catcher’? Why?
·Does your ‘dream catcher’s’ design have a message for me?
·What have I gained from this experience?