Small Acts of Grace

This week I was reading about the notion of ‘rejoicing with those who rejoice’. Now on the surface this sounds like a great notion and certainly not one that anyone should find challenging. We all love parties, confetti, balloons and fireworks, and most of us would not think twice about celebrating something good. But is it always that easy?

Did some one get the promotion you were hoping for, fall pregnant when you have been trying? Did they buy a house when you are struggling to pay just pay the rent? Did your best friend just announce their engagement while your relationship has just broken up? The list could go on and on and on and on.

How do you feel genuine happiness when someone else’s victory is so bitter sweet for you? Most times the best way to begin experiencing genuine celebratory feelings in these situations is to just start joining in with small acts of celebration. There is something contagious about rejoicing, even when you are the one that needs to catch it.

Rejoicing in someone else’s victory while in the midst of our own storms, is living creatively. I so love this thought. May I live as inspirational as this!... Thanks Alice Gray for your wonderful exploration of this thought in your book ‘Small Acts of Grace’.