According to Kennedy (2005) many of us use time to procrastinate instead of enjoying the sense of accomplishment that comes from the completion of a creative task or goal. We all know how the house work that we have happily ignored for weeks suddenly becomes of vital importance when we have a creative deadline. Procrastination robs you of the time you require to pursue your creative dreams. We need to remember however, that procrastination is merely a habit and habits can be broken. One practical way to work towards breaking the habit of procrastination is through your words. Make a conscience choice to exchange the procrastinator’s favourite word, 'LATER' for the word 'NOW'.

Take a few minutes and reflect on how you currently procrastinate, taking away time from your creative dream. What are some things that you have been saying you will do ‘later’, that you could and should do ‘NOW’?

Kennedy, S. (2005) Sark’s Creative Dream Game. Hay House: Carisbad.