Kre8ivity, what is it?

So what is creativity? For most creativity is a special gifting experienced exclusively by the ‘arty’, such as inventors, musicians, dancers and actors. Our society esteems creativity when it leads to fame and fortune. However many a parent has discouraged the pursuit of such futile activities, insisting that a ‘real’ job be sought. Most of us have bought the lie that creativity is an elusive gift meant only for the few. But this is just so not true. Everyone was born to create, it is in our DNA. Without realizing it each of us constantly strive to create. We work hard to create careers, homes and loving relationships. Each morning we create an out fit, that look that is unique to us. We create gardens, goals, meals, habits, and conversation. We long to create and live creative lives.

Create: To cause to exist; bring into being- The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

We can each experience the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from having caused something to exist, having brought it into being. It is a chose, a path you choose to walk, a journey you choose to take. The birth of a child is probably the most significant ‘caused something to exist’ creative journey any of us can experience. Creative satisfaction and fulfillment however is not to be limited to life’s BIG moments. Life’s tiniest and most fleeting moments can also be infused with creative significance, if we chose. When you walk the creative journey you choose to look for the creative option in all life’s circumstances. We can each bring joy into being in someone else’s life simply by smiling or saying hello to the stranger next to you in the lift. We can cause colour to exist in our home or office by simply purchasing a bunch of fresh flowers. Living the creative life is choosing to stand out in the crowd. Next time the majority walk by someone in need, take the creative option and stop to offer assistance. You will have created kindness.