I am Creative.

It is recommended that you use an unlined Journal for the completion of all of the self exploration exercises that will appear in this section of Kre8tive Life. Make sure this journal is something that you like, something special that you will enjoy spending time with. As you complete these exercises you will discover more of yourself and this will make your journal a precious record of your creative journey.

Non-Stop Writing Activity:
To get the most out of this exercise you should write down anything and everything that comes to mind, no matter how relevant you feel it is to the topic. For this activity it is recommended that you writing no less than 3 full pages of your thoughts on the following statement:
I am Creative.

Hints for Non-stop writing:
1. Write down everthing that enters your head
2. Do not omit anything
3. Do not alter anything
4. Do not spend time reflecting, until you have completed the exercise
5. If your writing flow dries up, repeat your last thought until your flow begins again
6. Write quickly
7. Disregard spelling, punctuation or grammar
8. Enjoy being led by your train of thought no matter where it takes you
9. Let go and let the process lead you.

Source: Tatton, D & Gibbs, M. (1997). Finding our Magnificence. The Explorer’s Handbook: using the creative tools of visualization, writing, art & symbols. Brolga Publishing: Ringwood.