Monday Makes: Indoor garden

I have had an addiction to succulents for a long time now, and have wanted to create an indoor garden. This has been one of those projects that has been in my head for sometime. Slowly I have been growing my collection of succulent cuttings. Mostly from my Mum's garden, she usually brings some cuttings every time she comes to visit. I also wanted to find a use for this gorgeous big bowl that I had. My fear was that if I didn't give it a reason for existence it would end up getting accidentally broken.  

So here is my indoor garden, at least for now. It is not quite what I originally envisaged as I am yet to get hold of any of the little 'cabbage' style succulents. But till I do, I think it makes a cute addition to my kitchen bench. What's more the only cost for this project as $8 for the yellow rocks.