Monday Make's - Upcycled Wardrobe

I am back...
Back blogging...
Back making...
Back on the road to living a Kre8ive Life...

I  hope you can forgive me for my absence and might come on the journey with me again to discover the Kre8ive Life - the life we are meant to live.

I think finally I have learnt that I am NOT my best me when I am not pursuing a Kre8ive Life. More than ever I am convinced that the desire and dare I say it but the NEED to create is in us all and when we neglect it, ignore it, deny it, fail to nurture it we can not possibly be all we were created to be!!!

So here I go again for the millionth time pursuing My Kre8ive Life, and in the process I hope I might inspire you to live yours........

So Monday Makes are back and here is a project that I recently completed. I am so proud of it. I am proud that the vision in my head has been given the opportunity to come to life. I am glad that it works as I imagined. I love seeing discarded stuff - BeautifullyRecreated.

I so wish I had taken a pic of it as it was. Discarded in a council clean up. Rotten feet, peeling pale blue paint, covered in 1970's NRL football stickers and significant structural issues. Now it is a Sunny bright custom made piece that beautifully shows off my upcycled vintage suitcase collection.


1. Guttered original wardrobe, leaving only the shell
2. Lined the shell outside walls
3. Used original solid timber doors to create internal support structure
4. Added wheels under the wardrobe (as it is now very heavy) 
5. Created shelving
6. Painted internals and distress only the original timber exposing the original pale blue 
7. Returned the original handles after removing the old paint
8. Glued lace to the external walls -like wall paper
9. Added molding to frame the anterior
10. Painted all external walls and molding
11. Fill....