We all need a good friends push...

Well today is Tuesday and after a challenging chat with a good friend yesterday, who knows me too well (I don't think it is possible for a friend to know you too well - but it does at times make you accountable for the miss alignment of your behaviours and convictions) I have decided that I need to embark on a new creative challenge. This challenge is aimed at giving me back my creative mojo and getting me back on my creative horse and over my self indulgent pity party that my creative journey thus far has not yet landed me at the destination I had in mind.

Welcome to the 74 remaining days of Spring. I am setting myself a daily creative challenge. It is ambitious to say the lest and my doubting self already can smell potential failure on the horizon. But I am going to put it out there and give it a go. Cause I am in need of some new creative direction.

So here it is the challenge is simple. I am going to create a NEW statement necklace EVERYDAY until the end of Spring!!!!!!!!! There we have it I have said it. I have taken it from my head and put it into the land of the web hoping for some other creative souls on a similar journey of creative discovery to keep me accountable. Each piece will be created in my signature Beautifully Recreated style and each will be inspired by the colours and styles of Spring 2012.

And so here she is my first piece:

'Spring Triangle'
Necklace 1 of 74 
made from twigs, upcycled fabric and buttons

She will be available soon at my store -  madeit.com.au/BeautifullyRecreated .

I would love you thoughts about her- 'Spring Triangle' and or my crazy creative challenge.