Tribal Stick Necklace - Monday Makes on Tuesday...

Well it is Tuesday and I am posting my Monday Makes post today. I'm not doing so good getting back on the blogging band wagon but I am going to keep pushing through.

I am really excited about today's Monday Makes (on Tuesday) because finally I have executed an idea that has been floating around in my head for sometime now. What's more I am really happy with my first attempt. I am totally looking forward to making more, more, more and hopefully sometime soon I will have some on my madeit store. I would love your comments and thoughts. So here is my statement necklace 'Tribal in Melon'...

Tribal in Melon - after. I hope my friend loves it as it is her birthday pressie.

Tribal in Melon - before
Ps. Last week I showed you a sneak peak at my Handwritten Scarf here is a finished one for you to check out. Not as gorgeous as the inspiration but I am pretty happy with it and I would be pretty stocked to receive one as a gift. I will continue to experiment with this idea!!!