Monday Makes: Upcycling an old bowl

So I had this bowl, the shape was nice and the colour was ok, but it was quite damaged with paint chipping off. As usual I don't like the thought of throwing anything out if it can be up-cycled/ recreated. 

I had recently been reminded of a technique that I think I did in primary school. I gathered all that I needed; my mod podge, a brush, some water and some tissues split into their individual ply (I used 3ply tissues) meaning that each tissue was three sheets of paper.


Taking my mod podge I covered the inside of the bowl, then I laid some tissues till the inside of the bowl was covered. Then taking some watered down mod podge (1:1) I totally stick down all of the folds and wrinkles in the tissues. I used watered down mod podge so that the tissue did not rip in the sticking process. After doing the inside I stuck it in a low oven for about 5 mins to dry. I repeated the process with the the outside of the bowl.

Once all the tissue was dry I painted a coat of burnt orange acrylic artist's quality paint over the entire bowl. Again drying it in my oven. I added some depth to the colour by adding some red in the centre of the inside of the bowl and some brown around the inside edge. Then I gently rubbed some bronze metallic paint over the entire bowl using my fingers. Finally I finished it of with my gloss mod podge as a sealant.

So there you go my Beautifully Recreated fruit bowl! I love the texture and the colours work well for where I want to put it. So what do you think?????