Tuesday's Thrifty Tips - Bath Towel Makeover...

I am not sure if it is that I am a Mum or that I am now well and truly into my 30's but more and more I notice my discomfort with waste.

When I see waste I tend to get this real sense of discomfort and uneasiness. Perhaps also it is the disconnect that I sense between the reality of a lot of people's financial situation and the way that we still seem to live in such a disposable society. With the words thrifty and frugal making more frequent appearances in conversation I thought I would start a 'NEW' regular post about resourcefulness.

I think we can all be more resourceful. Often it is simply laziness that we are not (this has totally applied to me in the past, present and most likely future) but I have set myself the creative challenge to stretch myself in this area, and attempt to think outside the square in regard to the use and reuse of the resources in my life.

So today's thrifty tip is the making over of some old bath towels. In my work with Lotus Interiors  I am often keeping an eye out on free websites for items that people are giving away that might be able to be used to really bless the girls and families that we work with. A little while ago I picked up some secondhand linen. Most of it was still structurally in quiet good condition but just not the type of thing that we would pass on to our clients (quite dated in styling etc). So some of it will become drop sheets for transporting and protecting furniture. However there were a few towels that were not perfect but still with much life left in them that I had my eye on for a little project of my own. With my current bath mats being really really past there expiry date and me having other things that I would prefer to spend my cash on at the moment, I decided that I would give these towels a new life.

This is the simplest makeover known to man. I simply folded the towels into thirds and then sewed up both ends and hey presto I have four newish bath mats. They are not the most stunning things you will ever see in your life, but they are functional, very absorbent (which is very important with my daughter's current bathing habits) and I have eased the uncomfortable feeling that I had when I looked at that pile of towels.

So here is to my new bath mats and many more projects of resourcefulness and creativity.