New Website!!! - Monday Makes

BEAUTIFULLY RECREATED - discarded items made new... is finally here!!!!!! The amount of dramas that have taken place around this site is just nuts, but FINALLY it is in the land of the www's. So, it is my new website that is today's 'Monday Makes'. I am not 100% happy with it as they software that I am using has considerable limitations (as well as some great advantages) but overall it is works. It is also now official, all my creative endeavours will be taken to the public under my new business name: BEAUTIFULLY RECREATED (what's tragic is that I registered the name in November last year).

My other 'Monday Makes' is my new business cards.. I am really happy with these. I think they look great!

They are cut from the cardboard of old packaging, with my new logo stamped on them. Unused lined paper from old school books has been glued on the back with details stamped in black. There is a bit of work involved in their creation but I am really really happy with how they have turned out.

I would love ti hear some of your thoughts or feedback.