Monday Makes - Some recent and current projects...

Well today's Monday Makes is a bit of an update on a few of my recent making projects. I made these gorgeous paper pompoms the other week as the decorations in preparation for a girlie morning tea that I am planning on hosting. I made them with plenty of time before my morning tea as it was my first time making them and I wanted to make sure that if I was hopeless at them I had plenty of time to come up with a plan B. I am really happy with how they turned out. I used 10 sheets of tissue paper which is more than most online tutorials would suggest for pompoms this size. But I like them being really full. They look more like flowers. The ribbon is old VHS ribbon. I think they look great. What do you think??? 

I am nearly always working on some kind of restoration project for Lotus Interiors which is cool it certainly tests my creativity to be able to come up with interesting and cost effective ways to resort items that have lost their aesthetic appeal (but are still mostly structurally sound). This is my latest project. I am trying to give this tired old lamp shade a bit of a revamp.

As you can see the original printed pattern is very faded and tired. I look out for lots of items that people are giving away. Which is how we got the lamp base. Someone else gave us the lamp shade. It is structurally still in really good condition, the fabric is simply a little tired. I hate the idea that these type of items getting thrown away when all they simply need is a little imagination and time to give them another life. So seeing the lamp base that we had (with no shade) and this little shade which was the perfect size I figured I needed to get my creative juices working and figure out how I could make them gorgeous again. So as you can see I have made a start painting the flowers pink. I think I am going to go for a dusky pink and turquoise colour scheme. Do you think that will work?

The other project I have on the go at the moment is an artwork commission. Here is a sneak peak. This is only the foundational layer so a long way from finished but really happy with how it is coming along. Thoughts???