Monday Makes - Fruit Bowl...

Wow far too many weeks have gone by since my last post. It has not been due to a lack of desire I can assure you. I have really really missed everyone in the land of blog. Life has just simply kept me a little stretched lately. I would try to hit the computer late but the land of nod would take over. I do however think that my time managment skills could do with some brushing up.  

I recent very cute facebook message from an old school friend telling me that my blogland ramblings had been missed, managed to be the extra motivation that I obviously needed- as well I am finally here!

Thought it was about time that I shared one of my recent 'makes'. This idea is in my place but was a test for the work I do with Lotus Interiors. I was testing out some free home decor ideas. I TOTALLY love this one. So simple, yet soooooooooo gorgeous.

 What do you think? I would love to see any others that you might have too!!!!