Monday Makes- Fairytale Birthday Party Invites...

So Button is having her birthday soon. Can't believe she is turning two!!! For this years party as she is so in love with dress ups at the moment I thought we would have a fairytale theme. Here is her invite. 

She thought the picture was great. She has also decided that she was going to be going to her party as Belle from The Beauty and the Beast (she has no idea who Belle is except that there is a picture of her on her potty training rewards poster). She also said that mummy has to go as 'Cinderbella' (her name for Cinderella, again her only knowledge of these fairytale characters is her rewards chart). That was what she had decided yesterday not sure what today's plans are, I haven't asked her.

So looking forward to making our outside undercover area an enchanted garden. Will be sure to share the pics.