Monday Makes - Completing an ancient project...

Well today I finished an ancient project, you know the one's! It was started a long time ago, then my enthusiasm diminished and the creative process got too hard and I seemed to choose not to push through.

 Some of you may remember back in August 2010 I made a doll for a little lovely who was moving to Canada and leaving her little best friend here in Australia. Below is the doll I made in August.It looks just like her Australian best friend...

Well I was to finished the matching doll for our little Australian lovely. This one looks just like her little Canadian best friend who left the country. Can you believe it has taken me this long to complete it. I took so long that it was going to be a birthday present (November) then it was going to be a Christmas present (December) and well now it is just embarassing how long it has taken me to complete this... I do hope she likes it anyway!!!!


I also made a change to my blog today which has probably been a real pain to a lot of you who read my blog and for that I do say a HUGE Sorry. Today Kre8ive Life moved to a new web addresss  (from as amcsevenycreations is soon to be non existent.) Apart from the old address soon becoming redundant, the new web address for my blog simply makes more sense, reducing comfusion for those trying to find it in the land of blog.

Yes it is exciting! My new business name and a new website will be coming soon, SO watch this space!!!!

Again my apologies for any inconvenience!!!!