Friday Faves... Yellow

This week my inspiration for my Friday Faves comes from a new project that I am about to undertake this weekend for my Button. When she was little I made a tree for her room which she absolutely loves (I must say I too was pretty chuffed with my effort at the time). Since its creation it has simply been a lovely decorative feature, from which I have hung some of Button's pretty little trinkets. But it is about to become EDUCATIONAL.

Currently it still has Button's Christmas decorations on it.

Button is not yet two but absolutely loves numbers and the alphabet. She is very very good with her counting (she is trying to count to 20 and is getting pretty close to getting it right). With the alphabet although she really can't say the the whole thing through she can recognise most of the letters and associates them with something, for example 'D' is for Daddy and 'M' is for Mummy. Now I have never forced her to know this just simply tried to encourage what she was already interested in.

Colours on the other hand have been a real struggle. She knows all of the names of the colours but just does not seem to be able to correctly identify them. She appear to just guess, mostly getting them wrong . I would not really be concerned (as I said she is not yet 2) except that she seems to get embarrassed that she just does not seem to be able to get them right. (That being said the last week or so has seen quite a significant improvement on previous weeks).

So my project is an attempt to make colours fun and something she can enjoy learning. So next week our tree is going to be turning YELLOW. My plan is to decorate our tree with a different colour theme every week. SO next week Button and I will be adorning it with all things yellow. I hope it is lots of fun and she enjoys it.  So inspired by my up and coming yellow project this weeks Friday Faves have gone YELLOW, to get me in the mood.

Check out these gorgeous creations....

Dolly Trolley by Multi Made It

Rose Earrings by Nerida B

Snappy Cuff by Onceworn

Yellow Cuckoo Clock by Snowfawn Homewares

These lovelies can be found on ....

The yellow orange butterfly- Balletart

Stuffed Animal TAPIR by Olula

These are all things I'm loving today.
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