What is your inspiration Wednesday - Guilt can be a good motivator!!!

Now normally I would not be in favour of guilt being a motivator for behaviours. But currently I have to use whatever motivation I have to get me to stick with my exercise routine of at least 20 minutes of dedicated exercise (on my machine of pain- featured below) 6 days a week. Some days I do ok in the motivation department but often I don't. My motivation is probably not assisted by the fact that this machine causes me to sweat more than any other form of exercise I have ever done- and in the olden days I used to sprint with regular training sessions.

My machine of pain makes me ride a bike while doing 5 different cable weights exercises circuiting at a regular designated interval. The long and the short of it is that it all adds up to SWEAT with a capital S and lots of hard work.

Well tonight I did NOT want to head out to my garage to inflict hard work and sweat upon myself, but guilt made me do it. And you know what I am glad. I am glad too that I listen to my guilt, instead of allowing it to cause me to be more of a couch potato. I used this negative emotion to spur me on to follow through.

Cause firstly my body needs the exercise, and so does my mind. Cause right at this moment I feel great. Slightly tired, but relaxed and kind of refreshed ( I have had a shower - that helps).

I say sometimes in order to create the GOOD habits that you want to form in your life you need to take whatever motivation you can get.