Monday Makes....

As Monday was a public holiday for all of us who reside in New South Wales my Monday Makes happened on Tuesday. Although Monday was spent making Connections with friends over brunch and some time with our girls in the park.

Today was a reasonable quite 'making' day, well finishing day, as I worked on lots of projects but really only finished one. Here is one of my new greeting cards, this one was made specifically for a loved one and it went in the post today.

I love handwritten cards. I love making them and I love receiving them. In this era of twitter, facebook and email I think the art of the handwritten card is fast being lost, and that would be such a tragedy. Nothing brightens someone else's day more than receiving something in the mail that is NOT a bill. 

Here's my challenge... I am going to send a card a day to someone this week just to tell them that I love them and appreciate the contribution that they make in my life. Just to make it that little bit more stretching for my creative muscles (and my time management ones) I will make all of the cards myself.

Maybe you too would like to rekindling your passion for the art of all thingshandwritten.