Friday Faves... Starry Starry Night

As you can see from the tiny little snippets of this weeks projects, stars have been a running theme (I will show you more of my starry projects in the coming days. So in light of my recent creating today's FRIDAY FAVES theme is STARRY STARRY NIGHT. I love these starry creations. Head over to  and check out there store for yourself...

WISH UPON A STAR Elephant and Rabbit Archival Print 8x10 by Charli Jean
Illustrations are the work of artist - Kit Chase

Raining Stars - sterling silver earrings by Little Sev

* Stars and Number Cupcake Toppers* Set of 12  by SugaNLace
'Song for the children' -A4 Print ('Girl in the Boat' series) by Mermaid in the Attic

And as this working week draws to a close. Love and enjoy your family this weekend
and Keep Living the Kre8ive Life!