Monday Makes...

Opps, ok so today is Wednesday and I am really only getting a chance to post about my Monday Makes! But these things happen- I am always learning to be flexible and adapt (despite the deep internal urges I have for control and ORDER/ ORDER/ ORDER).

Anyway this weeks 'Monday Makes' are of a slightly different nature as I haven't recreated something discarded. Instead this week I practiced Kre8ive Generosity and set out to bless a couple of special girls (and their respective families) in my world. Both of these lovelies were experiencing some illness in their families and anyone with kids knows that the whole process of meal preparation during such circumstances is simply a chore one could do without. So I became meals on wheels.

On the Menu was:
Lasagne and White Chocolate and Blueberry Fudge Brownies.

I alway enjoy making meals for others. I also enjoy packaging it all up beautifully, cause who doesn't enjoy receiving a gift!!!!!!

We will NEVER run out of opportunities to be generous. But living the Kre8ive Life means actively looking for the opportunities to bless and THEN acting upon them. 

Give me eyes to see and ears to hear!!!