Monday Makeovers... Words of Inspiration!

Recently I had the privilege of creating some artwork for one of Lotus Interiors makeovers. I love that I have the opportunity to give my time and my skills to Lotus Interiors, but even more I love that Angela's heart in creating Lotus Interiors aligns so well with my heart and the philosophy of my artwork. Both of us long to restore value and beauty. With this in mind and with a family needing a garage to be converted into a teenage retreat, I set out to create some artwork. Now all of my artwork speaks of value in that, 'nothing is to be considered too old, useless, broken or discarded to be recreated into something beautiful'. But this piece needed to do more than speak of value, it needed to SCREAM it. 

My inspiration was a very gorgeous (and generously donated) doona cover set and the desire to create a matching set of artworks that would SHOUT, "You are precious, treasured and beautiful beyond measure". So with two canvases freshly painted black as my base colour and a mish-mash of discarded items (an old sponge, some packaging for stamping, some plastic flowers for stamping and some circles cut out of magazines), as well as some gorgeous, divinely inspired, soul feeding words (dream, hope, imagine, smile, precious, treasured, beautiful)- I set to work.

These pieces took on a life of their own. I was so happy with the result and it was satisfying allowing myself to go along for the ride as these pieces emerged from a seed of an idea into a unique 'creation'. I hope the young lovely who now owns them finds them food for her soul. I hope she allows herself to believe the truth of those words and I hope she loves her new room. I loved the privilege of being able to help create this space for her.

Do you know anyone that could do with some Kre8ive Words of Inspiration?