I'm back, and Love'n That...

Well I am back!!! Did you miss me???  I would like to think that maybe someone did.

I was visiting the fam in QLD, which was lovely. It was wonderful for Button to catch up with her Marzee, Pazee and Uncle. Watching her beetle around my Mum's house was priceless. Watching my Mum and brother (he's 16) so desperate to have all her attention was just so special. So we are back and Love'n That:

Love'n That : Finally you can get your hands on my NEW stock: www.madeit.com.au/AMcSevenyCreations

Love'n That: I saw Bornagain Books at the markets on the weekend. So very cool. I love seeing others living the Kre8ive Life. Love other reusing, recycling, refashioning!!! Get yourself along to their website and get hold of one of these fabulous journals.

(Image is from www.bornagainbooks.net)

Love'n That: You can't beat the taste of a cup of coffee while listening to great music as the afternoon fades on a long weekend. Bubba is asleep and I have the house to myself to enjoy my creative pursuits. Soooooooooo good!!!

Love'n That: The whimsical tunes of Lisa Mitchell- Wonder. I bought this album on the weekend, the first CD I have bought for myself in a very very very long time. It is so dreamy.

Love'n That: The smell of apple crumble!!! My hubby and I had dinner last night with my brother and sister-in-law, she cooked Apple Crumble. Such a beautiful smell- such good memories. Who doesn't have Apple Crumble memories?