Check out my artworks....

When was the last time you went to an art gallery or a museum, these places sanctuaries of inspiration. I encourage you to check out a local art gallery, online gallery or museum this month. If this is not something you usually do then by merely going you will be living creatively, and I am sure you will also be inspired by what you see.

I unfortunately don’t get to art galleries often enough but when I do I love it. I always leave them feeling creatively inspired. Just the visual stimulation as well as the endless possibilities of other peoples imagination is inspirational.

If you live in or around Sydney I would love it if you dropped in to Candys Café in Manly and checked out some of my art works. I have paintings there from February 6 to March 6. I would love you thoughts on my works and hopefully you might find them inspiring. For further details on how to get there check out my website: